Little newborn baby boy Kace had a dramatic entrance into this world but ended up safely in the arms of his loving mum, dad and grandparents.  I was thrilled to meet him and although he wasn’t that keen on being a newborn model, we did get him to sleep 🙂

Some photos

Alex and Emma married right in the middle of a weather bomb which hit the Bay Of Islands and North Island with a vengeance in March.  The venue at Wakelin Station was cosy with a gorgeously decorated barn with another smaller barn for a bar attached.  The garden and barns were developed and made from scratch by Emma’s amazing mum.  The views out of the side of the barn were stunning and the rain held off for photos outdoors most of the time.

Some photos on Paihia beach show angry brown water and clouds, but Alex and Emma were fabulous and braved the strong winds for photos.   This was a wedding brimming with huge family love and I know Alex and Emma will be happy forever.  Emma was so excited to be getting married, she made me smile often with her lovely excitement.

The whole wedding was very well organised with a catering tent and toilet caravan complete with attendant and all the luxury you could ask for.  The chairs were set out on Persian carpets for the ceremony and then changed quickly into beautfully decorated dining tables.  Each flower arrangement was different and I wanted to photograph every one!  The menu started with breads and oils, then followed with lamb, salads, roast vegetables and chicken, it all looked delicious!  The speeches were a laugh, Alex;’s brother teased him about his indecisiveness with a wheel and pointer which he could swing to yeah, nah or maybe and Alex gave his groomsmen stunning gifts during his speech.

The star of the show I think was the most incredible cheese and biscuit table put together so artfully by Charlotte at Wilding Catering and Co.  I love creativity, and combined with food so artfully totally blew me away.  I’ve never seen anything like it and heard later that it was as delicious as it looked.

What a wonderful day to be a part of, so much love, happiness and joy. Congratulations to you both!!

John and Angeliki met in Crete, Greece, in a friend’s house in 2012. Angeliki is from Greece and she was on a holiday in Crete while John was there to meet a NZ relative of his whom he hadn’t seen for ages as that person has been living in South America. Both the groom and his relative were in their friends’ house and Angeliki joined them. It was meant to be there for both the Bride and the Groom!  Love at first sight.
They got married here in Kerikeri, Northland, at Liddington Gardens and Angeliki’s family traveled all the way over for the wedding which was very special, a celebration of two cultures and much happiness.
Wishing this very special couple all the love in the world as they start their new life together in New Zealand, with close family not far away.  Congratulations, it was an honour to be a part of your special day!
Some photos of their wedding day.  It is so interesting to see different traditions, and there is a photo below of the marital bed prepared ahead of the wedding – Its called The Krevati or The Bed Making Ceremony in Greek Wedding Tradition. The Krevati which is also known as the Bed Making Ceremony or the Flipping of the Baby is a Greek wedding tradition which blesses the marital bed and the couples fertility.


Angeliki with her mum and dad, favorite cousin from Greece and bridesmaids & Angeliki dancing after getting ready, dancing to Greek music
her aunt had playing, it was so much fun, happy music, and Angeliki was so happy to be marrying her man!


Beautiful Liddington Gardens where the ceremony was held


Angeliki and John wedding

Northland wedding

WeddingNorthland wedding

Little Brianna was in the studio this week at 9 days, born on Christmas day, a special wee baby.   How cute is this wee blonde haired sweet little thing. She was so good and slept through it all.  When babies like Brianna come through the studio it is such a treat for us photographers as they are relaxed and sleep well, making our job so much easier.


Luanne did her maternity session with me at 38 weeks, being Christmas time and end of year it kind of crept up on us and we decided to get a move on.  Luckily we did because two days later on Christmas day, her little girl, Brianna, arrived in a hurry to see her first Christmas.

Luanne was glowing after a fabulous pregnancy, excited to meet her surprise little one and we had a lovely session down at the beach one evening.  You have to agree that she looks gorgeous!

Luanne maternity photos



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