Working with children is a wondrous thing, they sparkle, they move, fast, they chatter and they laugh. We take the red trolley, setup the teepee or play on the rocking horse, and run about in the autumn leaves. Sometimes they cry but a quick hug will set them right in a second. 

Photography at the studio or in the garden or at another location is fun but remember too that children can and do play up at times, dont stress, we know this and will take the time to calm, encourage, and reassure them and hopefully they will enjoy their time with us.  I love kids and they respond very well to me, probably because I haven’t grown up yet!!

And of course we all know how fast they grow!  I believe its essential to have those photos, those memories, so much happens every single day, they change so fast, and to look back on the photos when grown up is so very special.  Make those memories for your children, on your phone and in the studio. 

My style is candid, fun and relaxed, I let them do their thing as I guide them and document the smiles, laughter and love for their parents and vice versa.

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