Romantic, emotional, organic and timeless portrait art
Once you have made contact with me and are interested
in booking, I like to have a quick catch up, either by
phone or in person at my home studio. Everyone is
welcome to pop in for a cuppa and look around.

We will chat about your session ahead, what to expect,
your plans for the photos and any other

This is a custom session for you and your family
and the time to ask questions and mention any special
requests. I will also send you an invoice, contract and
questionnaire (for newborns).

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, and if there
are more people in the photos, try for a look where
outfits compliment each other. For example a common
feature such as all in denim pants or similar style of
clothing can look great on location. However you don't
need to be matchy matchy, that is not the current
trend anymore.

Classic, timeless neutral colours are best. With children,
you may like to bring along a favourite toy especially if
it holds special memories.

I do have props like a cream teepee and red wagon
which I often use, it adds in some detail
and fun for the children, they LOVE the wagon.

I will be looking forward to seeing you and the gang for
some photography fun!

I like clients to arrive at their session feeling excited and stress-free.  Photographing families brings me so much joy and I want you to really enjoy the experience too.  I love the personalities of the children and people I meet and the friendships I often make with my clients is special.  Being comfortable and entrusting me with your family is key.  You wont find it difficult, I am really easy to get along with.

My goal is not only to provide you with warm and colorful photos, but also to capture your family naturally engaging with one another, emphasising the loving connection you have.  So snuggle, laugh and hold hands.  PDA's are encouraged.

Images will include traditional posed ones as well as candids to provide you with the perfect mix.  Please feel free to discuss any ideas you have with me to make your session true to your family and the places you love to go to.


Approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your portrait session we will arrange a purchasing appointment at the studio.  To show your photos in a special way, your images are presented as a slide show.   I will then go through your photos to assist with any prints and orders. No hard sell ever, but I do like to show you my work and love to help you choose art for your home. 

I am a full service photographic studio with beautiful professional print products available to purchase with your package. I am also a graphic designer and have done interior design too, so can help you with choosing photos and design the layout for your albums and prints.  I have samples in the studio for you to look at.

This can take anywhere from 1- 2 hours and we invite partners, parents or grandparents along to choose, however please be aware, it can at times get a little boring for small children and you will want to focus on the photos as well.

I realise there may be times when prints will be ordered for special occasions such as birthday presents, at Christmas and Anniversaries etc, I need you to be aware that the average print turnaround time for processing and delivery is approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order, and this will vary at times depending on a number of factors such as

  • the quantity and size range ordered
  • fine art post production & retouching
  • framing and album options

Payment for prints is due at the time of ordering, unless otherwise discussed with me.  Payment is made via internet banking after I have sent you an invoice or at the ordering session. I also offer a lay-by system. 

At the studio and on location, you'll have a very special experience and photographs to love for all time.  I will do everything possible to take care of you and your family in order to ensure this is a fabulous experience with photos you will treasure forever.

NEWBORN SESSIONS – babies aged 5 to 17 days

These are done in my home studio where it’s light, warm and cosy (actually quite hot as babies cant regulate their temperatures and we do some naked photos).

When you book and pay your retainer (the session fee which is also your deposit or retainer), I pencil in a date around your due date, and once your baby arrives, you let me know as soon as possible and we arrange a time that suits you to do your session.

Please allow 2-3 hours for the shoot which is usually done at 11am for newborns. Baby will probably need feeding and cuddles to keep him, or her, nice and sleepy.

Siblings are welcome to come and join in and so are dads. It’s a great opportunity to get a family portrait at the same time!  Its a good idea to get them picked up afterwards when I do baby on its own.

I like to get some cute sleepy baby photos but take natural and awake baby images too.  My style is classic & timeless and my work style is safe, calm and professional.  Safety is paramount.

At the studio and on location, you will have a very special experience and photographs to love for all time.

Every client gets a gift.


Bath baby in the morning as it makes them sleepier

Dress your baby in fasten up front clothing so I dont have to disturb by removing up over head

This is a difficult one, I need a sleepy baby, so please try ensure that baby is tired and hasnt been sleeping for hours by the time you arrive.  Its especially difficult if you are travelling a distance, however if you can try, it makes it possible to get better photos


Bring a pacifier/dummy if you use one

Plenty of forumla if baby is not breastfed

A change of clothes for yourself (if you’re going to be in the photos holding a naked baby you might get pooped/peed on)

Any special blankets or toys that you want included in the photos, but you don't need to bring anything if you don't want to as I have all the props and wrap swe need.

Wear neutral coloured clothing for photos with your baby, that's for siblings and dads too, and please plain Tshirts for dad, ie no big logos.  I have some lovely dresses and outfits in the studio that you are welcome, even encouraged, to use.

I have many wraps and accessories to choose from although I prefer to keep to a simple, classic style and dont use bright colours much.

MATERNITY SESSIONS – weeks 34 – 36

We can do these in studio or out on location, it’s up to you. I will work with you to give you the most special memories of an amazing time in your life as you are about to bring a new life into your world.

This session is best done around weeks 34/35.  Contact me to chat about it and we can book you in and discuss.  I have some lovely maternity gowns available for you to use for your photos but you can wear what you like.

I offer a makeup session before hand for an extra fee ($95) and women who get this done always love the results of feeling a little pick me up and glam when they are starting to feel as if they have been pregnant forever!


A family portrait is the perfect way to create and capture special family moments of you and your loved ones.  In these fast-moving times it's too easy let treasured times in our lives pass us by. I think it's important to capture those moments today.

When we shoot your family portrait, I take the time to understand how your family works in order to bring out your personalities and individual characters. I'll give you images to cherish forever.

So, enjoy some time here, relax with a cuppa on my comfortable couch, put your feet up while I take photos of your precious baby, or join me on the beach or in the woods for family fun. It’s great, I guarantee you will enjoy the experience!

Contact me here and let’s chat.

Or call me on 021 242 5071 or 09 407 1398|  email :


Life's most important
moments don't belong in
your mobile phone
or stuffed in a drawer.

Wendy Cain Photography
specialises in creating
art for your home by
capturing contemporary
lifestyle portraits
and ways to display
them room by room.
A picture is not only a reflection of people.. It's a reflection of compassion, love & memories of good times...
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