This is one of my favorite sessions to do, I am passionate about families getting photos done as often as possible, my wish is for families to have annual or bi annual group photos and hang them on their walls or make family albums from the photos. 

We are able to do photos in the studio but if you have a big family group, we head out doors, either to the beach or the woods.  I will travel short distances out of Kerikeri to do family photos, best check pricing with me, but more often the sessions are between $200 - @250 incl gst and travel up to 30 mins away from central Kerikeri where I live.

When I do a newborn and maternity session, I always try and do a family photograph at the same time, its that important I think.  That connection, its priceless, and getting photos done where you can look back and marvel at the changes and way you were then, well, just as priceless.

Family sessions are fun, outdoors or in studio or both, an hour or two of family love and fun.  So good for the soul, both yours and mine.

How Family Portraits Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

One of the hidden but powerful aspects of family photography that moms and most photographers rarely consider is how it can help us raise children with stronger confidence in their own worth and abilities. Psychologists and experts have done some work in recent decades exploring the link.

This is because the photographs show the family as a family unit and its very helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important member of that family unit.  It lets children learn who they are and where they fit.  This is where they belong and come from. Its even better to have photos of the child or children on the walls in their own bedroom

Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced,“ -  Cathy Lander-Goldberg - a licensed clinical social worker and a professional photographer in St. Louis, Missouri and the director of Photo Explorations.

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