There is something so very special about beautiful photos of a woman carrying a child.  The miracle of a tiny human curled up inside her womb and the glow of impending motherhood captured forever make for priceless memories.

I love to have dad and any siblings there too so that we can make a pre new baby family session of it.  I have a great choice of gowns that you may choose from for your shoot, but you can also wear your own clothes. 

I also offer makeup service and my clients love to have that little pamper with sparkling grape juice and snacks before their session.  If you are interested please let me know ahead for booking.

When combined with a newborn session, the fee is reduced to $275 for both sessions. I am able to do in studio or/and on location at a nearby beach or park, anywhere that suits you.

We do these at around 35 weeks before you get tired and over being preggers, they take about 2 hours.

Contact me here and let’s chat.

Or call me on 021 242 5071 or 09 407 1398|  email :

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